Since June 15, 2011, Katimavik volunteers working five days a week have helped the Caledonia Ramblers in making good progress with the Universal Boardwalk at the Ancient Forest Interpretive Site. One hundred and twenty meters of foundation is now built and decking should cover this 120 meters section by the end of August.

Continued support for the boardwalk from sponsors and visitors to the Ancient Forest trail has provided the Ramblers with In Kind contributions, grants, and donations by visitors. This most recent support has been helpful toward construction of a 26 feet span bridge to overcome an obstacle to the boardwalk. Construction will begin on the bridge in the next 10 days, and be completed early September.

So far this year – to August 15 and Day#41 of the project, 900 hours of volunteer labour has gone into the boardwalk; this, combined with 500 hours last year totals 1400 hours to date.

With the most challenging sections behind us (we hope!), our estimate of 5000 hours for construction of the entire 400 meters of boardwalk looks reasonable.

Thanks everyone for your support!

Nowell Senior – Caledonia Ramblers Hiking Club