Newsletter Contributors

Many of our directors, committee chairs and members contribute articles to Cloudburst on a regular basis.  We thought people might like to know a little bit more about our writers, where they hail from and what inspires them to write and share their experiences.

ron dartRon Dart – Alpine Club of Canada, Vancouver Section

I was quite fortunate, from 1969-1972, to spend most the winters on skis and the summers in the mountains—those of us who chose to live in such a way were called ski-mountain bums—the line and lineage, gratefully so, still lives on.  Read More


DSC09931Ph CropMike Nash – Caledonia Ramblers

Mike Nash is the author of Outdoor Safety & Survival (Rocky Mountain Books 2012), The Mountain Knows No Expert – George Evanoff [1], Outdoorsman and Contemporary Hero (Dundurn 2009), Exploring Prince George – A Guide to North Central B.C. Outdoors (Rocky Mountain Books 2004, 2007), and Outdoor Safety and Survival in British Columbia’s Backcountry (self-published 2007).   Read More