The Province is working with the Powder Mountain Snowmobile Club, ACC Whistler, Canadian Wilderness Adventures, and the FMCBC to improve compliance with the 21 Mile Creek Non–Motorized Area.

A number of additional measures have been put into place this year to reduce non-compliance. The Powder Mountain Snowmobile Club is publicly supporting the non-motorized designation and is asking that all snowmobilers respect the closure. They have installed additional boundary markers, are actively educating users and are monitoring snowmobile use in the area.

In support of these efforts, we are asking for your help in monitoring use in the area. Effective monitoring is essential to evaluating the success of these efforts and will inform future land use decisions by the Province.

If you have been in the Non-Motorized Area, please go to the Rainbow Lake Sproatt trip reports Facebook group and submit a report of what you observed. It is very important to report compliance as well as non-compliance, so please submit a report anytime you are in the drainage regardless of the activity you observe. Reports should include whether or not you saw evidence of motorized activity, the date and any photos which support your observations.

If you’re not on Facebook, you can send your reports to and we can either post them on your behalf or keep the information internal. To keep up to date on this issue, you can subscribe to our e-news here: . We’ll include updates from time to time to keep everyone informed.