During the FMCBC’s AGM in Vancouver on May 28th, the Member Club Grant Committee presented awards to this year’s grant recipients. Congratulations to the following FMCBC Member Clubs who will be using these funds to further their trail projects this year:

The Vancouver Rock Climbing Group was awarded $800 towards their Climb and Conquer Summer Leadership Camp (read more about it here).

The BC Mountaineering Club was awarded $1,200 towards their Watersprite Lake Hut Project.

The Fraser Headwater Alliance was awarded $1,700 towards improvements to the Goat River Trail.

The Mount Remo Backcountry Society was awarded $820 towards their Larsen Ridge Outhouse Upgrade.

We look forward to hearing updates from our grant recipients later this summer and will post their stories and photos here.

If your club is interested in applying for next year’s Member Club Grants, applications will open April 1, 2017. Talk to your club’s FMCBC director or send us an email for more information.