Kinsol Trestle Route

This is an amazing section of the Vancouver Island trail from just northwest of Shawington Lake at the Kinsol Trestle Parking Lot to Glenora Park. The route starts downhill for about a km to the Trestle and then heads up a bit but is mostly a flat 15 km route or 30 km loop. It works very well on a bicycle. You can start at the south or north end – whatever your preference. If you are really keen you can go as far as Cowichan Lake.



This is the parking lot just northwest of Shawnigan Lake.

The route is popular for short walks, running, family gatherings and longer hikes or bike rides.




Just north of the Trestle there is a covered area with a few old photos of the E&N Railway and recognition of the donors that helped restore the trestle.





About a km north of the trestle there is a craft table with some trusting donors.



Glenora Park is a lovely place on a sunny day.

You never know what you are going to see on Vancouver Island. About a km north of the Glenora parking lot there is a nice small trestle: