Mike Nash

DSC09931Ph CropMike Nash is the author of Outdoor Safety & Survival (Rocky Mountain Books 2012), The Mountain Knows No Expert – George Evanoff [1], Outdoorsman and Contemporary Hero (Dundurn 2009), Exploring Prince George – A Guide to North Central B.C. Outdoors (Rocky Mountain Books 2004, 2007), and Outdoor Safety and Survival in British Columbia’s Backcountry (self-published 2007). As well, Mike has written hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles on outdoor-related topics including a ten-year northern perspective column for Cloudburst (1990s) and a ten-year newspaper column that led to his first book about Prince George and north central BC.

Mike has been a government-appointed board member of British Columbia’s Forest Practices Board (2008-2014), a board member with the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program for the Peace Region (2007-2015), and a government-appointed lay councillor for the Association of BC Forest Professionals (2002-2005). He was an independent member of the Prince George Land and Resource Management Plan (1993-2005) and as part of that process he was a principle proponent of several new protected areas (now parks) in the mountains east of Prince George. He represented the FMCBC in the Herrick Creek Local Resource Use Plan (1991-2005) and British Columbia’s Commercial Backcountry Recreation Policy (1991-1993). Mike has also been involved with many other local and regional committees and advisory groups over the past 30 years.

Mike’s long interest in outdoor and workplace safety began with five years as a volunteer with Prince George Search & Rescue soon after moving there, and culminated with his most recent book. Along the way, he has presented and guest-lectured many outdoor safety seminars for the University of Northern BC, the College of New Caledonia, and others.

Mike was a registered member of the British Computer Society (MBCS) for many years, and before moving west in 1978 he was the supervisor of communications software for Air Canada in Toronto. Giving up big city life for the northern outdoors, he rounded out a 33-year career in information technology with a 20-year stint working as a systems analyst for the forest industry in Prince George.

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[1] George Evanoff was a northern regional director and instructed avalanche courses for the FMCBC.